Monday, December 21, 2009

Rule #3 is one I feel most people know, but to be honest, I see a lot of bad situations that could be avoided by this one rule: Never pass on the right...ever!

The basic theory is this: At a stop light there is a pretty good chance that a ca

r is in the right lane to turn right, and will do so without looking to see if there is bicyclist along side of them- and in doing so performs what is referred to as the right hook.

Now there are a lot more situations were this applies. Let's say a car is stopped as you approach. If you pass on the right they could be letting out a passenger, and if so, you're getting doored!

photo courtesy of buff

Passing on the left works because most likely the driver is not going to stop in the road and leave their vehicle sitting there- unmanned... although people in the city are pretty nuts.

With taxies this is especially important! They have a sign inside cabs that says: people exit on curb side of car. So if you see a taxi, stop. There's a pretty good chance there's going to be some getting in or out on the right hand side of the car.

The biggest risk with passing on right is oncoming traffic, but you do (most of you...) always have brakes, and if it means you have to stop and wait for traffic to clear, then go around! It's better than spending the day and $10,000 in the emergency room.

I know it seems to go against what your body is saying is safe out there, but it really is the safer ways to do things.

Stay safe out there!