Friday, May 28, 2010

the haps on the craps

actually, we're not playing craps... but speaking of craps, my computer took a big one this week. i just got it back today! yeah!

so first things first- the sale is on- all shirts are only 15 measly bucks! cheap, i know, but there's been a little confusion- i put the sale prices on our main products page, but forgot to put up the individual sale priced shirt pages themselves.

to get the discount, order from the main page for now until i can get those changed/fixed. go ahead and click the link to the shirt page if you need a bigger/better picture, just don't order from it for now, unless you want to help us out & pay full price- that's up to you. :)

also on the main products page, the stickers that are in stock all have add to cart buttons. if you click on one to go to it's individual page, i also forgot to change the ones that we got back in stock and it still says sold out... so until further notice, go by the main products page!

and we've got some reviews, i just have to throw them together- they'll be up either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. got some good stuff to tell you about too!

cole should be home tonight- he was in michigan building another run of bates crates! the pictures on the site are great, but they're even more beautiful in person. hand made from the ground up. doesn't get any better than that!

and i'm home tonight myself, although it's cooling off and a bike ride sounds really good after a hectic day... so, if i go for a ride (which keeps sounding better and better!!), the reviews will probably be up tomorrow. if not, late tonight. and i love to play before i work, but the work is over due...and you probably got paid today seeing as it's friday and all- unless you're one of those bi-weekly paid peoples- this isn't your week. and if you're one of the many unemployed, i feel for ya.

in personal news, both of our dads had cancer & so did my old lady's mom, and all 3 are cancer free right now, so that really, really rules. fuck cancer.

enjoy the weekend, and check back soon for reviews...when i post here, it automatically sends a tweet through cole's account. i try & throw one up or RT his, but his is automatic...just sayin'.


p.s. got the new issue of Boneshaker Almanac the other day, so you'll be hearing about that soon too!