Friday, May 07, 2010

good week & small feet!

We got some great stuff to review this week- A set of panniers came from Arkel, a nice box of goodies from Pace- including everything one would need to stay covered head to toe, and last but certainly not least, an awesome trailer from the folks at Cycletote! Leroy (one of our four cats!) totally dug the trailer!

And I thought I'd show you a little side view of the trailer- it hitches to your seat post and can hold A LOT! The inside can be taken out for a bare bones trailer, and it also came with a cover!

But I'll tell you more about all of this soon!

Oh yeah- the small feet thing...
Cole found a stack of our now rare socks, but they're all size small, so email Cole ( ) if you're interested. I believe they came from sock guy (I could be wrong...), but i do know they're black with our Classic logo wrapping around the ankle.
Totally rad, but totally size small ONLY!

Ride safe & ride hard, & if you're anywhere near me, ride wet!



Anonymous said...

The furry cat looks great in the trailer,

Benard said...

lol, I we all could save a lot of money by riding a bike instead of a car