Monday, May 17, 2010

Ride your bike to work week

So it's ride your bike to work week. I work from home, so i'll just go for long rides everyday. Cole has his sweet workspace, and he rides his bike there- everyday. This is Cole's mom, Linda- she's rad & doesn't yell at us any more like she did 16 or so years ago!

Any ways, What if it could be ride your bike to work month? Or year? Or completely change your lifestyle and ride to work everyday. It's up to you! A national week is a great thing though- not trying to make light of it- I hope a lot of people in the US take part- Even 10% of our population can create a huge difference. I know that's a high number to reach for, but ya gotta reach, and sometimes when you can't reach it you have to keep your arm raised, make a fist, and fight your way for it.

I'm not advocating violence. Cole would never let me. I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about anymore, so I should probably have a big glass of shut the hell up right about now, but I'll raise it high, and salute! Here's to bike to work week. May it be a great start!!!

Oh yeah I had a moment of genius earlier, or at least I thought so, and the other 2 people I told it to thought it was great, so here it is (and could possibly be a shirt/sticker...too offensive? what do you think?).

the short: jesus was a bike messenger

the long: jesus was a messenger. what if there were bikes in his time? it would make him a bike messenger!

genius, right? I know!!!! I've already got the image in my head, but i'll save that for another time- maybe. I just don't wanna offend our friends & fans... comment!



1 less car said...

maybe my mom doesn't yell at you like she did when when we are 16 but she still yells at me like it. well i hope the jesus was a bike messenger thing isn't to offensive because it out here now.


mario-narui-sonicx059 said...

Jesus was spreading the word, ride your bike save this paradise.

greezus chrust said...

rad! comments!!! i love yr moms. i do.