Monday, May 24, 2010

i love writing a haiku- always have- you know, 3 lines with 5/7/5 syllables per line respectively. anyway, i wrote a few cycling haikus last week and thought i'd share them with here goes:

traveling about

there's something i must confess

bicycles are best

there's so much to see

when traveling all around

go by bicycle

i looked everywhere

and finally found freedom

it was in a bike

getting around town

is much easier if you

safely ride a bike

i can't talk right now

going to ride my bicycle

talk to you later

i hope you enjoyed reading them as much as i did writing them! i'll bet you have one of your own to let's hear 'em!!!

-side note: there's currently a contest somewhere on the interwebs where you can win a bike with the right picture & the right haiku... probably not too hard to find, but if you enter, don't steal my haikus- i'll bust you out for one, and besides it being a shitty thing to do, it's akin to the azzholes out there that are stealing our images and selling them as their own- ie: a shitty thing to do, so please don't. however; if you would like to reprint them or repost them, please ask- i'll more than likely say yes!!!

stay hydrated- it's hotter than a...we both know, so let's leave it at that! now go ride...or write!



mario-narui-sonicx059 said...

I know a bike focused website that I read is having a haiku contest. Although you are not winning a whole bike, but a LED system. I have already entered my bike focused haikus, and I plan to enter a few more. I am curious to were I can find the contest that is offering a whole bike.