Thursday, June 03, 2010

We're back with some kick ass reviews today! I know it's been a couple weeks, and I apologize.

Between dealing with my old lady's mom who is about to start chemo for breast cancer, my computer taking a big crap on me, and then unexpected visitors over the holiday weekend, life has been a little hectic to say the least, and days seem to be flying by lately. Normally, the clock ticks slowly and the years fly by, but the past couple weeks have been a blur- so blurry in fact, that I've had to resort to using reading glasses, and I've always had perfect vision!

But I know you don't wanna listen to me bitch (at least I don't think so...but if you do, say the word...), so let's get to these kick ass reviews I was talking about!

First up is Mission Workshop's Large Cargo Backpack, The Vandal!

If you haven't heard of Mission Workshop before now, you've been doing some serious sleeping. Located in the heart of SF's beautiful Mission district (my old band played a show in the back of the old Mission Records store a decade ago!), Mission Workshop was founded not too long ago by a couple of great guys who've been making bags for cyclists for over 15 years, leaving the comfort of a solid brand they help create (Chrome ring a bell?) to follow their dreams once more and go off on their own.

These guys are off to a great start with their weather-proof backpack that comes in 2 sizes: medium and large, The Rambler and The Vandal respectively. I like to carry a lot and many times need to as well. And being American and all, bigger is always better, right? Right. So The Vandal was the obvious choice from the get go. Read more...

Next up is the final review of Melon's Slice folding bike-

It’s been a long time between reviews of the Melon Slice-folding bike. I can explain this delay in one word: winter. Yup, I decided that filling a review bike full of salt a slush was just not a cool thing to do, so the bike sat in the comfort of my parent's garage for the winter 'till I had a chance to take it out for some more testing.

The plan was to bring it back here to Chicago to test out in the city, but repeated attempts to get it on the South Shore commuter train failed, so I tested it on few different visits to Michigan. Read more...

To finish this week off, Cole got a box of goodies from the folks at Organic Bikes and is reviewing their 11 piece Multi-tool.

Organic Bikes sent me a box of stuff to review- the 11 in 1 tool is the first thing I will review. First impression is that this is a nice looking tool. The bamboo sides give it that earthy feel & being that that's what Organic Bikes is all about…well, making organic products- this makes sense.

Now for technical part. The 11 in 1 tool has pretty much everything you will need to adjust or repair your bike on and off the road. It has all of your basic metric allen wrenches, a few screwdrivers, plus it has the allen wrench to tighten your cranks, and a chain tool. I feel that these are really important things. Read more...

That wraps it up for reviews this week! Don't forget, our t-shirt sale is still going on- $15.00 measly bucks for a sweet tee!!! You can't beat that! To get the sale price, you gotta order from the main catalog page. That simple!

Thanks for stopping by & we'll see you soon!