Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Thursday- hope it's been a rad week for everyone! I got my mac back with more things fixed than i was counting on, so that was pretty nice, but things should be back to normal a bit now.

We've extended the shirt sale!!! All shirts are only $15.00, but you have to order from the main page to get the discount!!! meaning, don't click the link to go to the shirt's own page, add to cart from the main products/new home page!!! if you don't do it right, tough luck.

Cole and I both have a review for ya this week- I got to review a really rad trailer from the folks at CycleTote, and Cole got a handlebar mount for his Blackberry from Arkon!

So without further a do...

Arkon Blackberry Handlebar Mount
Carrying my phone while on my bike has always been a perplexing thing for me. Sure, you can put it in your pocket, but it gets all sweaty, and if your keys happen to be in there, your phone gets all these scratches on the front of your phone, and then your pissed- at least I am. So I thought I would try and find a handlebar mount for my Blackberry.

Akron makes cell phone mounts for pretty much everything, so they had what I was looking for. The mount is pretty straight forward- rubber spacers and screws and it attached. The phone snaps in and is held in by tension.

CycleTote Touring Cargo Trailer

A few years back, Cole had a trailer -which was later stolen from the mean streets of Chicago- but I'll admit I envied that trailer- ideas were flying through my head of all the things that I could do with one, and all of the opportunities to ride my bike more and drive less. I could go get groceries, pick up cool stuff- ie: other people's trash, etc. With no welding skills nor the equipment to weld with, I didn't see a trailer in my future.

A few years later- or a little more accurately, a few weeks ago- enter CycleTote, trailer manufacturers extraordinaire. They were kind enough to send out their touring/cargo model to test out. CycleTote has a wide variety of trailers too- besides the touring/cargo model, they make trailers for adults and people with special needs, trailers for children, and even trailers for your pet! Read more...

Ride on...