Thursday, December 18, 2008

transit bag

Lynn form transit is really cool. She hand makes all of her bags and even screen prints on them. She said the bag she sent has all the bells and whistles and I can tell.

The bag is very well put together. There are a few spots where the stitching is kind of ugly, but personally, I like that. I like the look of a hand made bag. The spots are small, and unless you are looking for it you would never notice. The bag has a lot of nice sized pockets- two on the outside, two on the front of the inside, and a large one on the back that fits my laptop very well. I'm not so sure that this is a pocket it came with- a really nice removable back pad in it. One of the most amazing things about the bag is the strap system. It's padded really well and has a ton of adjustments. This is really nice because you can make the bag ride on your back however you like. It took me awhile to get it just right, but once I did it was great.

In an email Lynn also said that if she's making a bag for a girl she will alter the straps to make it more comfy in the chest area. This is what I like about this company- she has a lot thought out. I believe the bag she sent is the biggest she makes and is comparable to the Chrome large. It's not too big but will carry a good amount of stuff. The bag is very water proof as well. I had it out on some pretty heavy rain the other day and everything was nice and dry. I have worn a lot of bags and nobody ever said anything to me about them, but people always comment on this bag. They're impressed with the silk screening on it and I agree- it looks super rad. If
you want a nice bag that fits well and like to find that cool little company out there then Transit is for you! Email Lynn and hook it up. see more reviews on our review page



jimmy said...

lookin good - i love the printing and contrasting piping

Furry said...

That's a sweet bag. Check out this company from right here in Columbus Ohio
they have some rad pictures of bags on flickr.