Tuesday, December 02, 2008

thank you

hello everybody!

thanks to everyone who helped make our sale a success! the winners of our contests will be announced within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that.

we also have another sale going on- we've got 7 shirts that are on their way out the door to make room for some new stuff! so through the month of december, these 7 shirts are on sale for $12.99, or $10.99 with any regular shirt purchase!

and holiday shoppers- don't forget- to get your order on time, US orders must be in by the 15th, international by the 8th.

on another note, i went to the doctor today, and he was pretty stoked on the Swobo Bruno Knickers that we recently reviewed- come to find out, he rides his bike to work all winter long. i wonder how many other doctors in the midwest can say that!?!

thanks for sticking with us!
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Anonymous said...

I am an MD and ride my fixed gear to work in Connecticut throughout the Year. I ride a 1970s Raleigh Pro 50 X 20 (white with gold / black / red bands on the seat tube) with a Sugino 75 track crack and Phil Wood sealed hub. The rest of parts are Cinelli and Campy from other racing bikes.

I started racing and riding in Cleveland in 1976 when we rode fixed gears for winter training and have used it for commuting and winter training since. As it gets dark at 4:30 here on the East Coast in winter I have dual Turbocat headlights.

I have been watching your site and admire your work. I placed an order on Black Friday and as a Psychiatrist you might guess one of the shirts I ordered.

Keep up the good work.