Wednesday, December 03, 2008

porter box

lately i've been really into urban bikes, you know- upright position, racks, fenders, panniers, and baskets. my winter/city bike had a big milk crate on a cetma rack. the crate was black but i spray painted it for my et costume so it was starting to look like crap. i decided that i wanted to build a nice porter box. so, while i was at my parents house in michigan for thanksgiving, i made my first one. here are some pics. the dimensions are 19 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 7 inches tall. this one is made of oak with a birch bottom. i think it turned out great, and my dad and i are planning on making more of these with different woods and stain. if anyone is interested in getting one, email me and we can discuss it. let me know what you think. i'll post picks of it on my bike when is stops snowing out.


jimmy said...

damn that's nice looking - good work!

paul said...

Very nice, can't wait to see more!