Tuesday, December 09, 2008

long cold winter

as most of you know, in an effort to make a living riding my bike i ride a pedicab here in chicago. last sunday there was chicago bears football game and with orders being slow i needed to go make some cash. the only real problem was, is that it was only 19 degrees and the field is on the lake front. my plan was to test out every piece of warm clothing that i got to review. i had on more wool than a sheep! the ride down to the field was ok- my wool jacket combo was breathing like a champ- i even got warm enough to take off my baklava. once i got to the field it all came to a screeching halt. i had to sit still and wait for rides, and in doing so i froze. i ended up getting a decent amount of rides and it was well worth my time to go, but i learned about my limits. it was pretty much hell the last hour, riding back to the garage 3 miles in now 12 degree weather, not being able to feel my feet. there is another game thursday night...i'll be there.

p.s. look for the reviews of all the winter riding gear i tested out on sunday. i'll have it up in few days.


Mike M! said...

Are people still riding along in those carriages in the snowing winter or is it just for "keeping up the business"?

Skull said...

Great shot! I can't believe you can find passengers in Chicago winters!Times like that I'm glad to be in Miami!