Monday, June 16, 2008

new shirt and stuff and junk

yup, after a long delay and few tough weeks i got something new and really great for you guys. my camera broke so i borrowed my roommates and took some quick pics and they look pretty bad, ill have some new ones up soon, the shirt color is carolina blue, its almost a light blue. anyway check it out

we also have a few new reviews up with a few more to go (did i mention i got a schwinn madison to review? )

we also got a new shipment of yanco hats in but there going SUPER fast so order quick!

and last but not least i got my reorder of stickers, the "pedal your fat ass off"and the " that suv makes you look fat" are back for now but sell out super fast.

also im working on getting the gas shirt back up but i need to remake it the prices we used were just two years ago and we made them high to make a point now there a bargain.

now go ride your bikes,its summer!