Friday, June 20, 2008

crosstown weekend

here in Chicago people love there baseball, they love the cubs they love sox. so when they play each other its a damn mad house. lucky for me i need money and have a pedicab, its one of the biggest pedicab weekends of the year. ill start tomorrow working the game around 12 and ride till maybe 7 or 8 come home eat and then go out and do the bar crowed till 2 or 3 in the morning then get up and be back out for at 11 for the Saturday game and do it all over again...then there is the sunday game. ill let you know my mileage and how much i made. i need to pay for those new Adidas Adistar XC Ultra shoes i just bought,look for the review down the road.



the cubs swept the white sox in all three games. i try to stay pretty neutral on this weekend so i don't get beat up but i do like the cubs a little better but sox fans tip better.
now the pedicab highlights. Friday was good i gave some rides and cleaned up Friday night. Saturday was the big day, it was hot and busy. me and another guy ended up giving two couples a ride downtown which is about five miles away. we stoped so they could get a 12 pack and then took the path that runs along the lake shore all they way downtown.they loved it and gave us $100 each so that was cool. Sunday i was hurting and got a few $40.00 rides and one was a block from our garage,so i just gave up. yesterday was spent at my girlfriends house eating alot and sleeping all day.

three more games starting tonight. ill print in the morning and ride at night. like my brother always told me. "you gotta make hay when the sun is shining" and right now it bright out.



flaherty said...

sounds awesome - i've been considering putting a pedicab together and giving it a shot here in louisville. hope the weekend is good to you!

FordFasteRR said...

Don't forget to snap a few shots while you are at it !

Anonymous said...

So what was the final outcome? You get my vote for hardest working entrepreneur.