Wednesday, June 18, 2008

moral question

if you seem someone riding and they have there helmet on backwards do you tell them? ive seen it alot more then you think and twice in the last day. help me out here i want to say something but im afraid it will make them feel dumb.


part 2
i also really want to have a proper seat height day just sit in the park with a few tools and adjust peoples seats for them, it kills me to see them working so hard. ooh ooh and chain lube.


danimal said...

If I can stop them I approach it from a "hey, for your personal safety" angle. I really try not to make them feel stupid. More I want them to be safe and realize what to do in the future.

Ethan said...

Argh, I know. And what about if they have some kind of really bad mechanical problem, but seem to not care? Once I was riding next to a couple, and the ladies' brakes were squealing like a pig giving birth...I was like "get those brakes looked at" but they gave me a weird look.

King George said...

There are ways to tell people they're doing something wrong without being a dick.

flaherty said...

tell them for sure. you're just lessening their pain by informing them sooner.

Bikeroo said...

I have a tendency to tell cyclists I pass whether their tyre is flat, helmet on wrong, etc. Figured, I'll let them know, what they want to do with it is up to them. Most smile and say thanks awkwardly, I've seen a few heed my advice.