Wednesday, February 02, 2011

worth it...

i've spent my entire day working on banners for all the rad people that sent us stuff to review & didn't get to any actual reviews today as previously stated yesterday. so my bad.


thanks to twitter (i'm @greezus -follow me!) and our friends at mash sf, i came across THE RULES. some people live by them religiously. some are spot on. most are, or entertaining to say the least!

i really hate recycling content from our peers, and haven't until now. sometimes certain rules need to be broken, and i'm breaking a rule to bring you THE RULES.

as mash sf said, we're all guilty of at least one.

i know i am.

and without further a do, i present you with: THE RULES. enjoy.

reviews & banners & some other goodness tomorrow.

starting february right & keeping it rolling.

if you thought we were gone, you quit coming around, 'cause we aren't going anywhere but up.
recognize... ya better tell somebody!!!