Tuesday, February 01, 2011

so january seemed to fly by. cole and i packed all of OLC's stuff up and moved it from chicago back to michigan, but a couple hours north of muskegon where it was born, in a little town called frankfort. there was a summer camp down the road from our house for years...maybe you went there... maybe not. if so, you know a little bit about where i'm at. at the moment (if i were outside), i'd be more than knee deep in snow!

we made it safe and sound though, and january was filled with lots of cleaning, moving, rearranging, and setting up. i'm still not completely done... but i can see why cole was having a headache trying to run two businesses! so things should be running smoother for OLC and for Bates Crates!

I'll have a few couple reviews up tomorrow to kick off the month right...i know you saw the pictures last month!

those of you that own a pugsley or a mukaluk- i envy you... :) ...but a trainer from Kinetic showed up last week, so I'm pretty stoked about that & can't wait to show & tell you more about it!

that's it from me for today (unless you catch me on twitter- @greezus), but before i go, for all of you racing fans out there, i wanted to share the following press release with you:

GEOX-TMC Team Jersey Unveiled

Philadelphia, PA (January 31, 2011) - With the 2011 UCI racing season in full swing following the Australian season opener, Team GEOX-TMC unveiled its much-anticipated, official team jersey Monday.

Designed by GEOX in collaboration with the team's other co-sponsors and produced by Italian sportswear leader Diadora , the team jersey is black and white with distinctive Diadora neon accents. The jersey complements GEOX-TMC's 2011 Fuji Altamira LTD Team Bike, designed using the same color palette.

Title-sponsor GEOX incorporated their Respira shoe ventilation product into their logo displayed on the official team jersey, which also features second-name sponsor TMC, as well as co-sponsors Cantabria Infinita, Diadora, ZipVit, Rotor, Footon, Servetto, and Fuji.

With design completed, the team is outfitted and ready to kick off the season. GEOX-TMC's first race will be on February 5 at the GP Costa Etuschi in Italy, and the team will meet the media at its official team presentation on February 12 in Padova, Italy.