Monday, February 21, 2011

Who & Why: Top 5 Influential Cyclists. Go!!! Leave your answers in the comments!

I'd also like to give a shout out to FlammeCast for picking up my question from twitter. Check out their answers and more:

Also, this Saturday we'll have a booth at the Chicago Bike Swap!!! Come by & say hi- I'm also going to try something new & bring some reclaimed shirts along with some new ones.

I'm going above Management's head here (let's hope I keep mine!) and I want to know what you think. So here's the deal:

Management disagrees with reclaimed clothing wants to dismiss it altogether, but I managed to break the suits down and talked them into letting me do a test run!

I feel it's a unique option for one of a kind shirts that also happen to be friendly to ALL of our communities.

Even if the test run goes good, we would always offer both, so no worries- but as fans / consumers, how do you feel about reclaimed clothing (that looks better after I'm done with it than it did the first time around!)? Just curious...

I'm doing research on both of these and would really appreciate your comments on this one. Thanks!

If you don't want to leave a public comment, feel free to email me anytime-
brandon at 1lesscar dot com.

Rock, Roll, & Watch that Pothole!!!


Yokota Fritz said...

I'm not a Lance-o-phile, but Google trends days he's the most influential today. What other cyclist has a zillion Twiter followers?