Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wednesday reviews and on time!

Ya hear that? Me Neither- It's the sound of no late bells ringing!!! On time... Word!

This week we've got the second review on IRO's Angus, the first of Torker's U-District, we take a good look at Bern's Brentwood Helmet, and a special toy review- Flick Trix's PK Ripper from SE Bikes- circa 1981! Check it!

We're working hard trying to get ready for our tour- My sleeping came from Kelty the other day- it's their Forecast model- and we've got a set of panniers coming from Arkel! I'll post pictures soon, and expect the reviews towards the middle of June!

Bronwen found this picture on the internet (stolen location unknown) the other day and we both thought it was funny...