Thursday, May 14, 2009

really good goodies!!!

o.k. -so i'm late. this has been a problem throughout my entire life. all through school, through jobs, whatever it is- no matter how hard i try to be on time it just doesn't happen. this would be one of those times... but we're all laid back, right? we're all still kool & the gang if ya know what i'm sayin... and if ya don't- just relax, sit back, and learn about a couple new products out on the market that you might want to know a little more about. this week, cole's got an intro review for YUBA's MUNDO bike and i've got a review up for BOOQ'S new TAIPAN PACK! both really rad... so i hope those perk your interest and you'll excuse my lateness...or late-nightness (i've always considered it to be the same day until i go to bed, which unfortunately doesn't work out so well on the rare occasion i pull an all-nighter...).

i'm really excited about the BRENTWOOD helmet that came from BERN today!!! you'll hear about that and much more very soon!!!

have a great night...or day. i'm going to bed.