Monday, March 16, 2009

green beer

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I know its not till Tuesday, but here in
Chicago they celebrate the weekend before. i think it has something to
do with this town liking to drink themselvws stupid or something like
that- anyway, the parade was saturday and where there is crowd, I'm
heading there with my pedicab.
Now I have pedicabbed every month except February, and I ride my bike
to work every day, so I thought I would be in o.k. shape...wrong. I
was wearing my new heart rate monitor from the good people at Cateye,
and was hauling 4 people up what i would say is a small incline, but
when you've been eating pizza and hiding inside from the snow all
winter this small incline is like Mount Everest! Just about to the top
and my heart rate is 199 and I'm at 105% -i thought anything over a
100% was death, but i guess not. i survived and all is well.
The monitor also has a calorie counter and by the end of the day i had
burned almost 3000 calories. This might be why I'm so skinny, but I'm
new to this whole calorie thing, so I don't really know.
I only took one pic throughout the day and it was with my cell phone.
It's of the Chicago river river dyed green. it was
pretty cool to see- enjoy!

We've gotten some rad bikes to review this season- whips from the
likes of Traitor, IRO, SE Bikes, Electra, and we've been talking with
Trek as well as a couple of other companies, so be on the lookout for
Our Wednesday reviews have started out strong! check back every
Wednesday for the latest. We'll also be making some changes to the
review section soon, like categorizing the reviews by type instead of
date to make it easier for you to find out what you need to know.
Lots of good stuff coming up, so stay tuned...

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