Friday, June 24, 2011

So it's finally summer, you're probably noticing more art popping up on the streets during your rides & commutes- i know i do...

I got a few things from Art Primo awhile back and i'll give you the lowdown- but first, check this video out- maybe your bike needs a new paint job, or you want it to look top notch for the summer...whatever your reasons, you need the right tool for the right job- and Krylon isn't it, but you can't afford to get that whip powder-coated either, so here's a solution for you: a couple cans of Belton Molotow paint from our friends at Art Primo!

You can get straight to the paint here:

Without further a do, check this out!

I got the following goodies: A can of Belton Molotow paint, a couple of Krink's Smash markers, and an OTR .210 Metallic black book marker.

Let's start at the bottom and work our way back to the paint...

Up first is OTR's black book marker- metallic gold! I've been a LONG TIME fan of OTR's goods, and this little baby is no exception.

The nib is super-fine, and a pretty decent length, so you've got a few options for when you're planning your next piece, need some fine metallic lines on a canvas, or just walking down the street...

***For legal reasons, I must state that I am not promoting vandalism or malicious destruction of property in any way/shape/form. What you do on your time is your call.***

That said, let's get back to business!

It easily fits in your pocket without concern of falling out (like my 1" Soul Tip- that still hurts.) while walking, running, riding your bike (how I lost the ST...)- however you get around, you can feel confident that it's not going anywhere.

Very similar to OTR's other liner's, this one isn't refillable (as far as I can see...).

...But nonetheless, still permanent!


Next up- Smash Ink Markers- The Smashville Slugger in Teal Legit, and The KO in Violent Violet! Have to admit that these probably have the raddest color names I've seen. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing 'em up on the site anymore- not that they're still not available...

Very similar- if not identical to Krink's K-71. This line of Smash Markers have a pretty fat, broad tip for a steel paint marker... These, along with anything else you can find at Art Primo will kick the ass out of anything that you'll probably be able to find at your local art supply store. They do mine!

Killer inks, can be as drippy as you want them to be, and the colors are simply amazing. Bright, bold, and beautiful.

Like everything else- especially steel markers, they need to be shook pretty good, and aren't that quiet. And you need to take your time with the cap- I pulled a cap of of one of mine in a hurry & watched the nib go flying through the air... but I found it!

Overall though, a kick ass marker from Smash.

Saving the best for last, a 330 gram can of Belton Molotow High Pressure. Forget your cheap ass Walmart cans, your Krylon, and your Rusto... This has been one of the best cans I've ever used.

I live in a place that's damn cold for a little over a season. Any of the above mentioned paints turn to crap and just get worse the colder it gets. This stuff says all season on the can, and it's no joke. all year 'round, this is what you wanna grab for sure.

While being a high-pressure can, it's hard to get it to drip unless you just hold it on the same spot & don't let go- anyone can get a nasty drip like that. But for being high-pressure, I was pretty impressed by that too.

There's two more reasons why this should be one of your main go-to cans- The first being that it claims to be dust free, and damn near is. While I can't recommend NOT using breathing protection, you're not gonna be sitting in a cloud of dust for however long it takes you to do what you're doing!

As much as I love the smell of inks & paints, I can feel when I've got a good pigment cake sitting on the front of my brain, and it's not the best of feelings, not to mention that kind of thing can cause permanent damage in the long run.

And while it may look pretty sweet when you blow your nose, and the snot comes out in every shade of a rainbow, when it comes down to it, we all know it's not a good thing. So that's one less thing to have to worry about!

The last reason why this should be a go-to: one word: PIGMENT. These claim to have the HIGHEST concentration of pigment available. It's as simple as that! The more pigment, the better coverage, and the less paint you have to use to get the job done. I'll bet you could go through close to, if not 3 cans of Krylon before this one can is gone.

It's one of those products where you really get what you pay for, and Art Primo is the company that's got your back. Simple as that!!!


Anonymous said...

What primer would you use with Belton Molotow on a frame? They don't seem to offer one.