Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I got a call from my youngest sister the other day, and outta nowhere she decided to join a small group of people that are riding across the US in a month! Kind of short notice, but I know she can use all the help she can get.

She's trying hard to raise the money for the trip and everything she'd need to go, but if there's anyone out there that can help her out I know she'd greatly appreciate it!!

Here's her story...

Dear friends,

I decided to participate in an event in honor, respect, and remembrance of my father, Andrew John Bartels.

I have joined a group to tour bike across America. The tour is North West America down to Key West Florida. I am finally going to spread his ashes in each and every state and beautiful site I see until they are gone.

I never got the chance to travel with him; so now I am and I need your help. I leave in one month and I have to raise money for my trip to be as successful as I want it to be.

Your donations will help me survive for the several months on my travels. I need to purchase supplies, bicycle gear, camp gear, and food among other things, such as having health insurance and cell phone on while I’m away.

I will be tracking my trip with pictures and journaling along the way. I will have my cell phone and when possible share on Facebook or email.

I am asking for donations from you to help me on my trip. My goal is to raise $3,500-$4,000.

Will you please consider a monetary donation for my father and me? A donation of any kind will help me greatly!

I can take checks, credit cards, and cash or I can even send a PayPal invoice.

Please don’t hesitate, I leave in a month!

As you all know, my father passed away last August from lung cancer, heart issues, among several other illnesses that simply took over his body and health. He suffered severe pain physically and mentally for several years prior to his passing; yet his high spirits was always around. To this day, I still feel his high spirits around me.

I can proudly say that the main thing my father taught me was to be myself no matter what the cost. I unfortunately finally learned this after he passed away. I realized he also taught me to not fear judgment from others and to not judge others, to enjoy everyone, to love nature and the earth we came from.

Part of my father’s spirit resides in me. I am part of him. I know his character, I know his soul and I know what he would do if it were me…

Thank you for helping me on my quest,
Chelsey Marie Bartels

-if you'd like to help please email me!! -brandon | brandon@1lesscar.com