Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting ready to tour this summer, Raleigh sent their Sojourn to travel around the country with and abuse at will, so here's my first impression.

First off, this is a really smooth looking bike- makes me think of coffee when I see it (I really love my coffee!). Even though I take my coffee straight, the steel frame/fork is a beautiful cream color, and comes stock with beautiful chocolate Brooks leather bar tape and saddle. You really can't go wrong there, although since this is a touring bike I wish the saddle had springs...but it's still a Brooks. What more can you really say? Read more...


Anonymous said...

Hey there. So how are you liking the Sojourn?

I'm thinking of buying one. Do you think it would be a good bike in general for daily fitness rides (25 miles round trip) in addition to touring (of course)?