Tuesday, April 27, 2010

getting ready to tour...

Cole and I have a few tours planned this summer, the longest being around Lake Michigan! Personally, I can't wait to hit the road. Lately as I've been training, when I get to the spot where I need to turn around, or make a turn to complete my circle, I don't want to- I just want to keep on pedaling, wherever it may take me.

You've seen the bike Raleigh sent for the trips, and this past weekend a set of rear panniers showed up at my doorstep from our friends at Arkel. Every little piece of our pre-tour puzzle are falling together, so we're both pretty excited about that!

Did we announce our pick for the graphic artist we were looking for? I can't remember...if not we'll post that with the reviews this week, so come back soon and we'll see you then!




Anonymous said...

cancel your tours they're not that fun! (haha only kidding) cole said you guys got the raleigh in so i had to check it out the pics. nice chrome shoes also btw. . . .

good to see more crates going out, if i can smuggle some wood outta hill country i'll ship it coles way. ha

enjoy your rides this summer don't forget to bring extra cans of soup