Tuesday, April 14, 2009

making a living riding my bike

A few years back, I decided to make a living riding my bike. The first
thing I did was to start riding a pedicab. I called my business One
Less Car because at the time, I really was one less car. The logo I
made became the Classic sticker, and 1lesscar Clothing was born.

I still ride a pedicab. I do it for two reasons- the clothing line
alone is not enough to sustain the high class of life I'm used to, and
because I really like pedicabing. This year I'm lucky enough to be
part of the Roger Rickshaw team in Chicago. The owner asked me to come
aboard as manger and I'm really excited about it.

Roger Rickshaw is Chicago's biggest and oldest company. We have a
fleet of about 30 bikes. It's crazy to think that I started riding in
a small town in Michigan and now I'm managing Chicago's largest fleet!

So the quest to live on my bike continues, and thanks to my promotion
I can buy that Hummer I've been looking at



Tony said...

Way to go! Congrats

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. As a former Chicago bike messenger, all I can say is, when you guys take over the streets and the last car is Stonehenged, that will be the day Paradise on Earth is declared. Keep up the good work!