Thursday, April 23, 2009

at approximately 1:00 P.M. this afternoon, i crashed. i tend to crash a lot- at least compared to everyone else i know. if someone's gonna crash, it's probably gonna be me.

it was one of those crashes that i didn't even see coming. gravity was against me. before i had the chance to even utter the words "not again!", i was flat on my back. the back of my SWRVE jacket got thrashed a little (which was a total bumout). stars were shining around my head like a cartoon from smacking the back of my unhelmeted head on the pavement. one more scrape, and a bigger lump to match.

i'm slowly reevaluating my feelings on helmets the older i get and the more i hit my head hard. even walking i'm guaranteed to hit my head at least once a day. guaranteed. seriously, we should get a pool started on if i hit my head every day or not- it's legal to gamble on the information super highway isn't it?

i'm also thinking i would love to review a helmet if any helmet manufacturers are reading...

because i had a bad gravity day, my head hurts, and consequently the usual late night wednesday reviews won't be up until tomorrow.

but as a bonus for the wait, we decided to do a little spring cleaning, and there's 5 more shirts that we're going to say goodbye to. they are good shirts, but retirement time has come, and sometimes you gotta get rid of the old before you can bring the new. those shirts are: true 'til death, under a black flag, man's ruin, cars kill, and our first user submitted design: the crank arm. as our way of saying goodbye, these five shirts will go on sale tomorrow (early afternoon est.) for $15.00 and continue to be available until the end of the month! but come may 1st, it's get 'em while you still can!!!

we are also discontinuing women's shirts for now, so please don't order them if the button is still up (i'm working on that tomorrow too!). instead, this summer, we are thinking of offering spaghetti strap's that sound ladies? holla! let us know what you think!

we've also got some other changes coming soon, and new stuff in the works, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

olc crew