Friday, July 18, 2008

surly long haul trucker

i scored a surly lht from one of the guys on the bike tour i was working for. its being shipped to my parents house in Michigan where I'm going to meet it and ride it a lot,i cant wait to ride to the beach. I'm also think since Amtrak doesn't allow bikes on the train that I'm going to ride it back here to chicago,I'm pretty sure i can do it in two days. ill keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

It may be much more awesome to ride it back home. In fact it most certainly is! But does Amtrak really not let you take your bike. Here on the west coast routes (Coast Starlight and the Cascade route) I have always been able to take my bike. If the route doesn't have an on-train bike rack than you can buy a special bike box and just take off the pedals and ship it as checked baggage. I have done this many times... It is bizarre to think that the routes where you live suck so much that they won't let you do this. bitches.

greezus chrust said...

fuck the beach. do you really wanna go down there? c'mon... and it ain't like yr gonna plow through the sand. ride that bad bitch back to the city!!!

Adam Belanger said...

The bike boxes cost $15 and another $5 to get it onto the train (since it's irregular sized, I think.) That's what they charged me from Toledo, OH to Washington D.C. which is the same train that comes from Chicago, I believe.
Than again, a ride from Michigan to Chicago does sound fun!