Tuesday, October 31, 2006

getting mail is always a good thing. it can sometimes be that little ray of light on an otherwise dreary day. today's mail brought us some degreaser from nick in chicago. he calls it el duke's (pronounced doo-kay) degreaser. it's a non-toxic, fully biodegradable, vegetable oil based degreaser that's gaining quite a bit of popularity among those that have been graced with an advanced bottle.
the plan for the degreaser is to take my bike apart and clean the Green Hell out of it, while listening to the misfits because it's halloween. when everything's cleaned and put back together we'll snap a picture or two and put them up on the web site with a full written review. that way you'll be able to read all about it, check out the pictures and want a bottle of your own. and we can tell you how to get that. check back.


Anonymous said...

Degease: The thing you do when a goose is pecking on your leg whilst riding your bike.