Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hey everybody -

we just wanted to let you all know about a couple things that have come to light recently. okay, well, it's only one thing actually. we've gotten a handful of emails and a phone call or two lately wondering where orders are and why they haven't shown up in the mail yet. you see, when we started one less car clothing it was something that we did in our spare time when work was slow, because we love riding bikes. as time went on, and orders kept coming in, things got bigger and way more busy - and here we are. don't get us wrong though - we love it.
when we get your order we print your shirt. we don't have enough money here to keep a large amount of already printed shirts in stock, so we can't just grab one off a shelf and shove it in an envelope. we get the shirts we need to fill orders and then print them for you, so it takes some time. there's only three of us here and everything is done by hand. all we ask is that you keep this in mind before you send emails asking where your order is only seven days after you ordered it. somewhere along the line we've become a culture that just expects immediate results. it probably has something to do with fast food drive-thru windows on every corner and henry ford's "brilliant idea" known as the assembly line. beyond that, we accept different payment methods that take varying amounts of time to clear - with your echecks and such. then there's shipping, once we drop it in the box it's out of our hands. we send orders all over the world - and that can take some time as well. and last, we're not big time (read: super-ultra efficient businesspeople or robots, we're just like you. we like spending time with family and friends. we like spending time on our bikes. and it's just discouraging to think that we're failing you and not moving fast enough despite all the time and effort that we're committing to this.

thanks so much for understanding

- cole, katie and derek


furyosin said...

wow... too much work?
i wish to live and work only for and from a bikes...

good luck and success!

-in my bike, from Chile, the end of the world-

shay said...