Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Four days into the new year and here's our first post. My plans were to get everything done in the afternoon. Start early in the afternoon and be finished by late afternoon at the latest.

But every time I sit down to start, about five minutes later someone wants to play. Unfortunately this someone really isn't a person, but my puppy dog...whose not really a puppy anymore either. Her name is Rowan.

Being a dog, Rowan and I have problems communicating sometimes, and it is I, the superior human who folds first that has to set work aside and play.
So play we do... that's her. She's really rad, the first dog I've ever had, but damn- she's NEEDY. There's a lot of walks in our day, along with all the other doggy duties that my better half shares with me. In turn, I get work done in between.

I didn't talk about this much or at all on here to try and keep things positive, but in 2010 my dad died, my old lady's mom got breast cancer again (but is finished with chemo/radiation and doing good!), my baby sister moved across the country, and my bands of 10 & 5 years both seemed to go to shit, among other things.

While a lot of great things happened too, I don't think 2010 was my year to say the least. So here's to 2011.

So there's a few things in this list that are overdue, and I just wanted to let you know why.

So far in 2011, we got a rad box from Rebel Eight, and we just got a sweet box of goodies from Fyxation...

Above I'm wearing Rebel Eight's Backwoods Hooded Jacket, their plaid oilskin new era cap, and Chrome's Natoma pants... Turns out I clean up alright, or so I've been told. I'm feeling pretty fresh & clean today to say the least! Rebel Eight also sent along a couple of their bike themed t-shirts too.

above: the sweet box of goodies from Fyxation! The new, two-tone Session tires (700x23), matching track grips, and some rad, steel end caps to finish 'em off. Can't wait to get these on!!! Derek is STILL riding his. They're Indestructible!!!

above: Chrome's first issue of Wrenched, the Frisco issue. We've still got a few copies left to give away!!!

above: Laser's Nirvana MTB helmet. Killer...

above: Also killer, Feedback sent us their wheel truing station!

above: If you live in the city it's everywhere. Outside the city it's still there, you just have to know where to look. I can say that I've been a long time fan, but I also have to point out that it's illegal, and I'm not suggesting nor recommending that you do it.

That said, Dokument Press sent us a copy of the Street Art Cookbook, A Guide to Techniques and Materials. Everything from posters, stickers, painting, and even planting flowers...

Previous to that, I was talking with the rad people at Art Primo (artprimo.com) & they sent a can of Belton Molotow paint. All weather... Great for frame painting! They also sent a few caps to try out, a couple of the latest Smash markers, and a rad little gold OTR Blackbook marker.

above: I ran across this little Moleskine book with a bicycle theme & thought it was pretty rad. This was sent in by moonlightbindery.com.

above: VP Components sent in a pair of their racing pedals to check out...
above: Trying to get ready for touring early this year, and I found these from GSI Outdoors. I screwed up and got the drip and not the press, but I'll make it work. The grinder is incredible. Good coffee is VERY important!!! Speaking of, I think I should give Mel a shout at Peace Coffee & see what they've got brewing over there... rest assured, it's always something good!

above: last, but certainly not least, are a pair of straps from Hold Fast, made right in Brooklyn. They don't look as sweet these days, but they're the most reliable straps you'll find. There's been a lot of knock offs lately, but these are the original, and I wouldn't accept a substitute! It doesn't matter if you're riding fixed freestyle or not- these won't fail you- ever. I love leather, don't get me wrong, but those straps will eventually break... but not these.

So that's what's in cue for upcoming reviews!- a bunch of great stuff that I'll tell you more about very soon!!!

There's also more exciting news coming up that I can't wait to share, but you'll just have to hold on for that one...it's still under wraps for now! But it's big!!!

So that's a peak at things to come. What bikes/clothes/parts would you like to see reviewed? Send me an email & let me know!

I still want to trade stickers for your crash stories!!! Please attach a photo if possible!!! trust me, they'll be great... brutal, but great!

Again, here's to 2011. see ya soon!