Tuesday, December 14, 2010

thanks to everyone for making our christmas sale a success and entering to win the natoma pants from our friends at chrome & some goods from organic bikes too...not to mention the free stickers, and the copies of wrenched! your orders should arrive before christmas no problem. we'll announce the winners VERY soon!

if you're not big on the holidays, or if time isn't an issue, keep ordering! operators are standing by right now to take your order!

with ten days to go, christmas is right around the corner! we've got some reviews coming up before then for all of you last minute shoppers...

soooo.....FREE STICKERS!!! who doesn't love free stickers?
alright- so i've been trying to get reader stories about cycling, and we've gotten a few, but not as many as I thought... I should have known from my years of making zines & running contributor driven sites that if you don't give someone any direction, they get stuck.

like i said when i first tried this, i got the idea from an old graffiti newsletter, and they had weekly "chase" stories... so, to keep it in the biking spirit, let's do WEEKLY CRASH STORIES!!! send yours in along with a picture if possible and tell me where to send the stickers!

LET'S DO THIS!!! we've ALL crashed, and who doesn't love a good crash story, right?


and it will be called THE CRASH REPORT.