Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new review!

Hey all-

It's been a slow winter here as far as reviews go- and even though we've had a lot going on (more on that tomorrow), we're working on getting some great stuff for review!

I recently got a package from Mission Workshop and Feedback, and one on the way from Chrome! Before that I got a nice little package from Peace Coffee that I have to tell you about (next week! my bad if I already said that on a previous date...). We've got a bike coming from Raleigh, and Cole got a huge box of food from Uptons Naturals too!

And we're working on some other things to keep you in the know!

I got an email from Dahon recently- They just came out with 3 different carrying/storing/stashing bags for their folding bikes. When you're ready to ride they fold up and stash under the seat!

Here's Cole's Review- Come back tomorrow to hear about what's been going on, wanna gossip about us, or whatever. It's all good.


Nau Rebound jacket

If you follow our reviews, you may have read my claim of Chrome's jacket being the best jacket I ever had. Well that was until Nau sent me a Rebound jacket. Not taking anything away from the Chrome jacket- its still worn regularly. The Rebound jacket is really something amazing. I don’t think this jacket is designed for bicyclists specific- I believe made more for hiking, but to me it's just about as perfect as a cycling jacket.

The first thing I noticed when I put it on is that it lets no wind through. I mean NONE. The very first day I got it it was 13 degrees outside. I put it on over my wool base layer, a t-shirt, and wool jersey, and I was pretty warm, and didn’t have that chill that I sometimes get as I ride. The collar also comes up high so you don’t get any wind down the neck. Sometimes this high collar bothers me, but when its cold its great. Read more...