Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Winter Riding Tips pt. 2


It’s funny to see people trying to be fashionable in the winter. You're riding your bike in the freezing cold. You’re going to look like a dork anyway, so at least look like a warm dork!

A windproof AND waterproof jacket is key. One with pit zips for ventilation is plus, but they're a little pricey.

I tend to wear layers. I always wear a base layer to wick moisture away from my skin. Moisture plus cold air means you're cold.

Next, a regular t-shirt and then I wear a wool jersey to top it off. If it's really cold I'll add my down vest under my shell.

A baklava is also a must! I usually pull mine down around my chin unless it's super cold. This year i'm trying out a beard, and so far so good...sorry ladies.

Glasses with clear lenses stops the freezing wind from blowing in your eyes and making tears and also protects them from rain, snow, sleet. etc.

Gloves I'm still working on- I've been wearing warm weather ski gloves covered inside a wind proof outer glove, but warmth is an issue. I have heard good things about lobster claws but have yet to buy a pair.

Footwear is hard- I ride spd pedals, so I used to go with regular spd shoes and neoprene shoe covers with cut-outs for spds. Last year I got a pair of Lake winter boots and have never been happier. No spd? I would recommend an insulated hiking boot- Gortex would be the best, but that shit's pretty expensive.

I also carry a chemical hand warmer and if something feels like it's so cold that it might fall off, I'll throw a hand warmer on it and get my ass home!

I also believe in helmets. I mean, you're riding a bike in crappy weather and on ice, and probably traffic- It only makes sense!

As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged!