Thursday, June 18, 2009

review & tour news!

this week we reviewed Stone Cold Outdoor's Cooler Bag / Pannier

Stone Cold Outdoor sent me their cooler pannier to review along with a couple of their "square bottles", and I'm pretty impressed- I'm really surprised the price is so cheap!

It doesn't look very big, but my girlfriend and I had it packed with 2 tallboy Starbucks frappacinos, lunch, plus snacks for later...and there was still room left over. It would hold two of their bottles (they're really more of a rectangle than a square, but the shape makes them super easy to hold onto) as well as enough food for a day. READ MORE...

Cole and I are also leaving for tour Sunday, on a 300 mile journey from Chicago to Muskegon, MI. Hopefully we'll be reporting from the road! We'll try to get everything out before we go, but will be out of the office for a week or so...but when we get back we'll have a good story and more reviews, so stay tuned bike fans!