Thursday, October 16, 2008

traitor cycles

i heard an old saying once that goes something like this: the sun shines on every dog's ass some days. well today, i'm that dog! i've been talking to TRAITOR CYCLES the last couple of weeks, and they sent me their super-duper limited edition (1 of 75!!!) PBR RINGLEADERS to test drive and review for One Less Car! the one they sent is the actual one from the photo shoot! they had to take it apart to ship, but kindly left the tires pumped- all i had to do was find a pair of pedals to slap on, which i did, and it's ready to ride! it looks pretty rad in the photo, but in person, my jaw still drops at times when i look at it! the UPS man didn't believe me that a bike was in the box because it was so light weight, and i was so stoked, so we cracked it open then and there! even the UPS man was stoked! he couldn't believe it, and i swear he started drooling when he saw all the PBR logos...i gotta admit- it makes me a tad thirsty seeing it too! so a super big thanks and shout out to KEVIN @ TRAITOR CYCLES for making it happen!!! i'm having a blast riding it, and will post a review in the next couple of months (kevin said take my time, so i can't argue with the boss!). needless to say, i'm way stoked and honored to receive this, so stay tuned!!!
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Cheshire Jack said...

I just saw one of these frames at a local shop, and I gotta say I was ready to buy! Love that PBR!

John said...

Where's the actual review?