Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Things You Just Gotta Learn the Hard Way: My First Attempt at a Bicycle Tour, Part 2

All rested after 4 days of eating my parents food and watching tooo much tv, it was time for me to head out on the second leg of my journey. I was suppossed to ride to the ferry across Lake Michigan and land in Milwakuee, then ride half way home, camp, and the next day ride into Chicago. I got up early and set out for the ferry. It was raining again- still the leftovers of Hurricane Ike, but I was armed with a really sweet new mountain hardwear jacket (thanx mom and dad!). I gave myself a good amount of time to get to the ferry, but on the way there I didn't have one of my panniers on right and hit big ass bump. It fell off and got a little twisted in my wheel- nothing major, it just took a few minutes to fix.
When I got the the ferry dock I saw the boat and rolled up to see where to go if you bought you tickets online. I was told I was too late! It was 10:03 and because of Homeland Security, they close the boat 15 minutes before departure. Needless to say I was pissed. Three more minutes and the boat was still sitting at the dock. They even commented that the second bike just showed up, so they knew I was coming. They charged me $10.00 to change my ticket to the next day and that was that. I rode home bummed in the rain. My super sweet jacket leaked at one of the seals. It was just a bad day.
I began to think I suck at touring. My girlfriend called and gave me a really good pick me up. She said I just got screwed by the weather and thinks I was doing ok considering the circumstances. It made me feel better.
The next day my phone rang at 6:00 am- it was the damn ferry people. The lake was too rough to go that day so I was stuck again. This did give me time to return the leaky jacket which is still there because they're trying to get another one in my size.
Finally, three days after I was supposed to leave I made it to the boat on time and good to go. As much as I wanted to hate that ferry it was really nice. I ate fruit and yogurt and watched the new Indiana Jones movie on the tv's they have. It was a smooth ride and pretty cool. I honestly recommend it. When the ferry docked it was beautiful. I rode in just my jersey, soaking up the sun. I ate lunch overlooking Lake Michigan and talked with a few nuns who were out for a walk. The route was mostly bike trails- some paved and some lime stone. The map I used was pretty crappy. I got lost more than I wanted to. I rode 60 miles and got to my camp site a little after dark, which kinda sucked.
The old mad who gave me my camp site talked about when he and some friends went on a bike tour. He said they would ride 60 miles a day and after they set up camp they would square dance for an hour. To his credit, they were biking to a square dancing event. I set up camp. I even started a small fire and cooked some veggie sausages...they were AWESOME! I took a hot shower, made some phone calls, and went to sleep.
I woke a few hours later because I heard someone moving one of my panniers. It was under my rainfly, just outside my tent. I unzip my tent to see a raccoon take off with a Ziploc bag that had a few Clif bars, some gel shot, electrolite tabs, recovery drink, motrin, and some muscle relaxers my mom gave me. I could here him running all over in the woods because of the the sound of the morin bottle. He taunted me for about a half hour. He tried to steal my whole pannier, but the rain fly stopped it. He unzipped the pocket on the top of my bag barely enough to get that bag out. He came back a few more times. I scared him off, and I even through my u-lock at him (hey it was 4:30 am and I was tired!).
I woke up the next day to sunshine and warm temps. I packed up and headed out. My legs hurt, but in good way. I rode for awhile and found a sandy beach to eat lunch on and basically discarded my map and just headed south. There were some big ass houses north of Chicago- I'm talking huge, stone, fancy ass ones. I got lost a few times in the small cities, but overall it was ok.
I had a little bout of culture shock when I got into Chicago. All the cars didn't give me the room I was used to. Usually cars moved over a whole lane for me and I almost forgot about how bad people in the city drive. It was only a 50 mile day and I made it home in the afternoon.
I rode a total trip distance of 270 miles. I thought it would be more, but over all I'm happy with my trip. I'm in love with my bike. It was awesome on the trip. And I love my panniers too. I'm going to get a set of front ones so I can balance the weight out more. Now I'm thinking about my next trip. Not sure where I'm going, but I'm hoping it won't be in the rain!



Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of FUN! Thanks for the inspiration. One tip from a lifelong backpacker...always hang your food from a tree so the critters can't get it. ;)

Anonymous said...

270 miles??? thats ok but maybe you shouldnt be such a city slicker next time and ride across the country ya puss. . . boohoo its raining, boohoo the cars dont give me space on the road. you only road 270 miles how did you have time to forget what city riding was like? try riding across the country then write a blog about it.