Tuesday, September 13, 2011

more wooden bikes!

Jan Gunneweg is very much ‘into wood’. And not just in a tree hugging sort of way. The Dutch industrial designer creates all sort of implausible things from timber. His latest (and greatest) is an all wooden bike.

While wooden bike frames have been around for as long as dinosaurs, Jan has really stepped things up with his new effort. Pretty much everything you see in the promo photos is made from timber – and that includes the asymmetrical wooden wheels. And the handle bars. And the pedals. And the… well you get the idea. Tyres aside, this thing is 95% wood. And the rest is space age technology.

Whether a bike crafted from wood makes for a more enjoyable / safe trip down to the park is debatable, but you can be pretty sure no one else is going to be riding anything quite as ridiculous as this. Unless of course someone has picked up one of his earlier wooden bike efforts…

There’s no price on Jan’s website, but given the 200 man-hours he spent carving this out of tree trunks it’s not going to be cheap.

More at jangunneweg.nl


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