Monday, December 07, 2009

Rule #2

Be realistic.

The reality of riding in city traffic is that its your life you're playing with.

Those cars are big and the driver is always going to win.

If they hit you, you're the one who is coming out on the losing end- they're going to kill you in air conditioned comfort...

So it's your responsibility to take care of yourself!

Ride within your limits! We have all seen the videos of messengers riding like idiots in traffic, but here's the reality- that's what they do. I'm sure most of them don't know the best way to set up a computer server or even build a webpage, but they all ride everyday for hours in traffic and most of us don't.

Being a pedi-cabber in the city, I ride in a lot of traffic. When I first moved here I watched all the videos and thought it would be cool to ride like that for bit. I had way too many close calls and realized it wasn't worth it.

There is nothing wrong with stopping at a stop light or having front and/or rear brakes!

Sure, you may not look as cool as the guys on the videos, but I bet you'll live a lot longer!


As always, we welcome your comments, tips, and experiences! And comments- said that already. my bad.


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See ya wednesday!